Congratulations! You have already taken the first step!

Who else should take the first step if not you?
Who else should know what's best for you if not you?
Who else should hide the solution within if not you?
Who else should identify the steps leading to the solution if not you?

Feel free to come up with a topic as it is only up to you to decide what you want to give deep thought to, what solution you are eager to find, what goals you would like to accomplish.


motivation and energy
career path
efficient decision-making
be the leader you would like to be
time management


energy and motivation
work-life balance
time management


  • Series of trust-based discussions between the coach and yourself

  • You are always free to choose your topic

  • I shall reveal your real goals and targets by asking the most adequate questions

  • My presence and my active silence vouch for my full attention

  • I facilitate revealing further details by using targeted questions and a proper questioning technique

  • I support your attempt to reach a deeper level of self-consciousness and self-awareness

  • Together we shall reveal your inmost possibilities and we shall plan your further development

  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is the trust-based thinking together performed by the coach and the coachee, in the course of which the coach, aided by an efficient questioning technique, triggers the already existing thoughts of the coachee.
    By generating ideas, the questions are meant to facilitate awareness viewing key-thoughts which, if fuelled, may solve any dilemmas concerning the topic itself.
    Besides creating awareness, the series of discussions guide the coachee towards a deeper self-knowledge thus leading the coachee's steps further on and enhance focus in order to identify the best possible solution.

    What is the role of coaching?

    Here is how Bevis Moynan defines the role of coaching in his book, "Mapping Motivation for Coaching":
    "Coaching supports the client to reach a higher level of accomplishment and thus become more successful. Besides this rather obvious value, coaching also plays a role in the development of the individual, as well. And here we go again, saying that creating awareness and developing self-knowledge should be regarded as base-line. As we are unable to develop and to improve ourselves as individuals without becoming fully aware of our present-day situation and without imagining a better version of ourselves, living in a better future. This is the very central trigger of life."


    Do you know what motivates you?
    Do you know what motivates the members of your team?
    Would you like to improve your own efficiency?
    Would you like to improve the efficiency of your team?

    Motivation is an inner urge, and energy that keeps you restless until you have reached your goal. There is nothing more beautiful in life than doing your best for your own evolution meanwhile contributing to the development of your beloved, too. As it is never a book that brings about the desired change but a kind of energy called motivation - plus the attitude supporting it all from the background.

    A Motivational Map is an outstandingly simple, usable and useful tool. By measuring emotional energy, it, therefore, makes us overcome our own personal and/or professional obstacles, it facilitates both, leaders and teams to become more efficient in action, and it also provides an extra amount of strategic "turbo-boost" to the entire organizational structure.

    About me

    Hello, my name is Nikolett Huszák. As a coach, my role and vocation is to reveal the inmost motivations of my clients and to lead them towards the revelation and the acknowledgement of their higher quality features, which will, in their turn, open further doors toward their own self-accomplishment and support them in attaining their own goals.

    My aim is to provide you with efficient support and to help you lead your own way, at your own pace so that you can reveal your inner hidden treasures and manage to do your best.

    I do believe that six to eight sessions will be sufficing for you to reach penetration and thus to validate my own success as I would rather love to see you flying instead of being chained down onto me.

    After completing an ICF-accredited course, I run my sessions in conformity with the principles foreseen by the International Coaching federation (ICF). Therefore, I am abiding by the ICF core competencies during the coaching process, also acting in full conformity with the ICF Code of Ethics.


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